Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Baby Update {August}

Check-up was a little different today...my nurse was busy, so Dr. Cooper did everything (including checking my urine!!). Before we did all of the happy stuff, he wanted to let me know the results of the ultrasound. Everything appeared normal, with the exception of the baby's bladder being a little fuller than they like to see (he explained that they really do not have normal "flushing" patterns at this stage), but they would like to do another ultrasound in 9 weeks to follow up. If things stay the same, there may be a chance of kidney issues and I may need to deliver at another hospital (i.e. UMASS). He said not to worry, that out of all of the pregnancies/deliveries he has handled, there was one case where what they saw was something. OK, so I am going to worry..

After that news, he took my blood pressure and was a little surprised that it was not elevated. I gained 6 lbs.- I can feel it, but was a little shocked as I still continue to have issues with eating/nausea. My belly measured 23 1/4 (I turn 23 weeks Friday). Baby's heartbeat sounded good- he said like a boy this time...funny.

Coming up: Sugar test will be scheduled after next visit, ultra sound in 9 weeks

Cravings: Genoa grinders from Pizza Pizazz, oatmeal

I enjoy feeling and watching him thump around my belly! It is a cool thing to feel, see.

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