Sunday, May 06, 2007

I am 5 months old!!

These photos were taken Saturday (a day shy of 5 mo)...K just hanging out.
The picture taken below was from Sunday while on his play mat. And guess what...on his belly, he rolled over to his back while he was on our bed. Yes only once, a fluke maybe, but it happened. Happy 5 months! Kaleb went to Jake's classmates birthday party...he loved watching the kids and enjoyed the cool breeze and watching the leaves on the trees. Hannah's Mom held him for a bit and then he looked at me and cried.

Tuesday, big brother decided he was going to bite me. When asked why, Jake couldn't explain it. I didn't cry! Just wait, I am almost as big as you!!

Kaleb's 22 week picture was taken with Jake and is on the family page.

His sleeping schedule has been the same for the past couple of weeks. Eating about the same- I think I will introduce fruit tomorrow (he has had all stage 1 veggies). He nurses around 4 a.m. and won't want to eat again until around 9 a.m. He has been blowing lots of "raspberries" and shrieks too. He laughed a "ha ha" this weekend also. He constantly wiggles his feet still (like Daddy). He has been spending lots of time outside- Grammy brings his swing outside before it gets real warm and loves the wind hitting his face (he sticks his tongue out).

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