Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Week 27

Kaleb is grabbing for everything! Books, remotes, toys. He throws his toys off the edge of his saucer. He has started to "jog" in his saucer too! It is cute, it looks like he is jumping up and down, but if you look at his feet he is actually jogging.

He loves when I do not have my hair up..he grabs so gently at it and puts it on his face; when I bend down to change his diaper he laughs at it!
He made it the entire night on Thursday without waking! Back on schedule??

Kaleb loves to laugh! He started making this noise from his is silly (kind of sounds like "innguuh").

We have tooth #2...right next to the first (front lower right).

Oh Mom, I love when you rub my toes!!

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