Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Update {September}

Before heading off to my appointment today, the nurse phoned to tell me my blood test results came back....positive for Gestational Diabetes. My near-fainting spell last Tuesday triggered a blood test that showed my sugar level too high. Because of this, I had to pass on my 1 hour glucose test and go right to my 3 hour (we did this Saturday).

(Saturday's test wasn't as bad as I remembered with Jakob. Had to fast after midnight...wasn't so bad, not too hungry- and Todd didn't eat 6 Coney Island Dogs in front of me like last time! We got there around 8 a.m.- the lab at the hospital was packed. By the time they took me in to draw for the first time it was 9 a.m. Chose the "Spritish" tasting drink that wasn't all that bad...guzzled within the 5 minutes allowed. Felt a little queasy here and there. Gave blood again at 9:50 (late due to some WT obnoxious girl/brother), at 10:00 (we left and came back for 11), 11:00, and the last one at noon. Had to top it off with some french onion soup from Buster's).

This visit the doctor went over what GD entailed (see entry below). I will be in contact with a dietitians; will have to check my sugar level periodically during the day; will require non-stress tests twice per week until the baby is born; will be induced approx 2 weeks before the baby is born (if he doesn't come early).

My blood pressure was good. Baby's heart beat was good. Belly measured 27 (I am 26 weeks, 4 days...just about there). So far, the diabetes has not affected the baby's growth. Guess I forgot to mention I gained 8 lbs. (which I am sure will come off with the "diet" I will be on).

Next appt. got moved up to 10/3 (Dr vacation 10/10). Need to go for more blood work- will probably schedule that for Saturday again...have to fast.

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