Friday, December 29, 2006

Little Munchkin is Sick

As I mentioned on the family page, Kaleb has caught whatever this horrible thing is going through our house (doesn't help that Jakob remebers to cover his mouth on the second cough). He started last night with a stuffy nose, a cough, and some sneezes. The stuffy nose is on and off and I have already had to give him saline drops and "suction" his nose (I hate doing that!). He did manage to sleep a good part of the night though. We (the family) are going to head to the doctor this afternoon to get checked out so we wont have to make an unexpected trip to the ER or have to wait until Tuesday. I get real nervous when babies are sick, especially with him being so young and with it being cold out.

Time to trim the nails again (hate that too!)- he attacked his face this morning. I am going to take the "clip at the corner and peel off nail" approach like I did on the second hand last time.

Here are some pics of the little guy sleeping- he has on his "Peace" onesie and tan cargo pants.

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