Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NST #2 & Ultrasound

Was a little apprehensive about todays appt. at first. This time was just under an hour and I barely passed. Nurse Gina was really nice. I opted for the APPLE JUICE to "kick start" things today. She poke with my dr and let him know how the reading was (the nurses call the doctor to advise if the patient passes or fails- if they fail, the doctor can order and immediate ultrasound to make sure the baby is ok)...because I barely passed, he wants me to go back Friday. Scheduled next appt. for late afternoon.

Walked down to my ultrasound appt. The tech was the one I first had in July (much better bedside manner this time around- apparently a few doctors commented to the dept. head on how "not so friendly" the staff was). She measured Kalebs head first and was a little baffled...she wanted to know how far along I was....and then needed to go review my records because something wasn't adding up (hmmm....). After going over the history of the pregnancy, she confirmed that I am farther along than I am (yeah, um..I know when I got pregnant!) and that she feels we should be going by my original due date of 11/15 rather than the second one (she gave!) of 12/15...HELLO!!!! That would explain A LOT (why I am big, the way I feel, etc.). So, that kind of throws out the date I am supposed to be induced (12/4..which is 38 wks.)- because, if we go with the 11/15 date, I am 38 weeks today. Yeah, getting a little panicky here- nothing is ready (we atleast bought the crib/dresser on Sunday, which we need to pick up this weekend)- furniture, room, nothing! We did buy diapers, some new clothes, and of course a new diaper bag. **BIG SIGH** I didn't get a picture of him this time around, but I was able to watch him practice his breathing- it was neat.

Ended up rescheduling Fridays NST to the early afternoon to get it over witha s we have plans at night. The nurse asked how I made out and did comment on how much bigger I looked for 34 weeks and that it looked like I was carrying kind of low.

I did call my nurse tonight just to give her a heads up- she had already gotten the US results and handed them of to my doc; he is supposed to call me tonight (I want to know what the plan is...don't want to wait until my appt. Tuesday and then have him say "We need to induce you tomorrow").

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