Thursday, November 16, 2006

NST # 7

Well, baby was a little quiet for this test today...drank apple juice, water, and chomped on ice chips to get him going. He would move, but his heart rate didn't "jump" the way it needs to on the monitor (actually saw it dip down twice under 100- his heart rate seems to be 125- 140). Rubbed my belly some and FINALLY...I was able to leave after 1 hr. 45 min. I like going right after lunch, because I am usually out of their within the hour. Had a young Chinese couple in there..she had the mini TV so loud...just wanted silence! Deb was my nurse tonight- haven't seen her since she helped deliver Jake. Good thing we went over my appt.s for next week- I only had Tuesday down, when I am actually scheduled to go Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Feeling eh. Slept through the night thelast 2 nights though. Have been training this week at work which has thrown my eating and testing off balance a bit. Kind of get tired and irritable around 7ish. Just want QUIET..but not really getting it. Have an "itchy" patch of skin on the inside of each thigh- HATE IT!


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