Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I am 6 Weeks Old!!!

Sleeping: We seem to be getting back on track with sleeping 3-4 hours at night and then waking up to eat (he did just about 4.5 hours last night!). His bed time has been between 11 pm and 12 am. He has been sleeping less during the day (is usually awake for the longest amount of time in the morning). He has been spending more time i his bassinet- a habit broken when he became sick.

Eating: Kaleb is eating every 1-3 hours during the day (very seldom do we make it to the 3 hour mark!!)..and feels like all he does between 8-11 pm is EAT!!

Likes: To snuggle, eat, sleep, ride in the car (except when he is hungry!), have big brother talk to him, be held upright on Mommy's shoulder, be carried in the Snugli.

New Things: Continues to focus on people's voices and move his head to follow people/objects, make baby sounds, gets an excited look on his face when it is time to eat or have his clothes changed, kicks his legs and move his hands/arms all around, when being held upright he will use his legs to push himself forward/upward, holds his head up better and for longer periods of time.

Jakob said "Mom, he is so heavy I have no muscles left!"

Filling out his snow suit!

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